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About TVT Innovation

  • A Business Innovation Center and Incubator connecting innovative entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, government agencies and others
  • The initial developer and current administrator of the PACA SEA Cluster, globally oriented competitiveness cluster


  • 22 years of innovation expertise!

Who is involved? 

  • TVT Innovation is comprised of:
    • Local entrepreneurs
    • Scientists
    • Local and regional elected officials
  • A team of 23 collaborators with complementary talents and skills


  • TVT Innovation is a non profit organization supported by
    • Public subsidies and aide
    • Membership contributions
  • A 4 million € annual budget


  • In the south east of France, in the greater Toulon area

An active member of

  • RETIS (Incubators, Technopoles, BIC & Competitive Clusters French network)
  • EBN (European Business Innovation Center Network)
  • IASP (International Association of Science Parks)
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