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Water resource management is becoming an urgent challenge, for Europe and the world, as population grow and requirements increase. Degradation of our coastal and estuarine waters is of particular concern to policy makers at regional, national, EU and international levels, and increasingly to the public at large.

These growing demands for water management products and services, especially in estuarine and coastal waters, represent a significant growth opportunity for regions possessing the necessary strengths in research and industrial base. EMSAC will help ensure that those economic development prospects are realized to the benefit of regional economies.

The EMSAC project aims to face a challenge, finding solutions to protect European resources.

Main objectives

  • Advanced systems for monitoring coastal waters and estuarine
  •  Management of water quality, coastal hazards, sustainable resources
  • Better management of coastal ecosystems and protected areas
  •  Development of techniques to minimize the impacts of flooding due to rising sea levels
Ongoing projects : EMSAC

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