Ongoing projects : IKTIMED



The main project objective is to foster the competitiveness of MED SMEs promoting a new public-private partnership to support innovation based on a more open approach of knowledge and technologies transfer.

IKTIMED involves 8 Member States; Italy, France (PACA), Portugal, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Slovenia, Spain.

The composition of the partnership is strongly balanced and representative of the whole geographic MED area. Therefore, it also ensures a wide representation of the main regional innovation system.

The national and local governments share the need to find common methods, policies and tools to strengthen the public / private partnership for SMEs, and improve knowledge transfer between research institutions and SMEs.

Main objectives

  • Improve the attractiveness of the territories in the Mediterranean with objectives that focus on innovation
  • Improve the connection between research and development, innovation and regional priorities of public policies
  • Develop joint collaboration between the public sector, research centers, and private sector
Ongoing projects : IKTIMED

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