Ongoing projects : TOSCA



Main theme: Improvement of environmental policies and appropriate decision making in case of marine accidents by optimizing the response of local authorities, with a special emphasis on oil spill pollution, in the Med space.

The partnership encompasses 4 European countries (France, Greece, Italy and Spain).

The increasing importance of East Mediterranean ports and the higher traffic densities concentrated around the Mediterranean ports will abruptly raise the risk of a high polluting marine accident.

The core objective of TOSCA is to improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of decision-making process in case of marine accidents (oil pollution, SAR Operations), by the development and implementation of technical and decision support tools, through active participation of scientists, in conjunction with local authorities.

Main objectives

  • Optimize the speed of decision-making process from the local authorities in case of a maritime accidents
  • Improve the quality, the speed and the efficiency of decision-making in case of a maritime accident thanks to a collaboration between scientists and local authorities
  • Protecting coastal and marine environment, with immediate response to accidents
  • Lower and manage pollution from oil spills in the Mediterranean
Ongoing projects : TOSCA

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