Ongoing projects : WIDE



According to MED Programme objective to match international concurrence, in terms of economic growth and employment, WIDE intends to support Micro/SMEs organizational innovation and competitiveness through a strong cooperation between MED economic development actors and public authorities and through targeted paths to facilitate innovation processes.

The WIDE project involves 8 organizations from France, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

Direct beneficiaries of the project are micro and SMEs of the pilot actions areas, economic development actors, public authorities and policy makers of the involved regions.

In order to achieve the concerned targets, the following main activities are foreseen:

-          Mapping of innovation policies/services

-          Development of a joint methodology to support MSMEs organizational innovation and internationalization in the Mediterranean area

-          Evaluation of pilot actions, etc.

Main objectives

-          Process of potential gain in competitiveness to match global competition and ensure growth for future generations

-          Solutions to improve coordination of MED innovations

-          Join strategies between public and private actors to improve opportunities on the Mediterranean market, creating synergies across national borders, as for the event Forumed.

-          Development of the competitiveness of SMEs in the Mediterranean region by putting forward the innovative capabilities of enterprises.

Ongoing projects : WIDE

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