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Innov IE

Innov’IE is a Competitive Intelligence initiative (IE-Intelligence Economique)  for six competiveness clusters of the Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur region (PACA region).

The main objective is to optimize competitive intelligence tools and know how at a regional level to facilitate the clusters’ international actions.

This program was launched in October 2010 and takes into account elements from the Schéma Régional d’Intelligence Economique (SRIE) regarding practices of the clusters’ international-based competitive intelligence.  

What is at stake?

  • Optimize competitive intelligence tools and know how to improve the positioning of the PACA clusters worldwide.
  • Give visibility to the PACA clusters group at an international level by communicating about their technology skills set and world-class innovations.
  • Promote, more generally, the PACA territory and players.

Mission statement

Develop, on strategic target sites, long term linkages and actions for the PACA region clusters, thanks to common competitiveness intelligence knowledge.

Which competiveness clusters are involved?

What are the target countries?

Operational objectives

  • Share information about the clusters’ actions 
  • Develop a common knowledge about the target areas : territories, challenges, players, opportunities, programs
  • Identify, establish, and activate long term partnerships
  • Capitalize, mutualize, and analyze information to decide on strategical initiatives.



INNOV’IE International

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