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43117, the « IT, digital and web entrepreneurs network in Toulon »

An informal community of young entrepreneurs dedicated to IT, web based or digital activities and growing their business in the Toulon area

  • History of TVT role and involvement

→ Identified the former group, helped in the structuring, now participating in the direction of the group and supporting some eventsWhy « 43117 » ?→ An original idea that came out of the blue after a group brainstorming session : the number 43117 is the latitude of the city of Toulon

  • Purpose

→ The driving force and motivation of these young companies are to share common interests, launch innovative and collaborative projects, promote their skills as an economic and territorial force, promote ongoing professional development by working with the local university and specialized schools

  • Early accomplishments

 E1 : 2010, June 4th , the first web open participatory workshop event in Toulon

→ E1.2 : 2011, June 10th, the second web open workshop event in La Seyne sur Mer, Greater Toulon

→ Monthly meetings at Innov’Labs


Ongoing « Innovation Center » and « Marine Science Park » Projects

Innovation Center : "Home for Innovation"

The "Home for Innovation" concept has been defined as a unique place dedicated to innovative firms and local actors of innovation organized around 3 primary functions: 

  • Hosting of Firms engaged in Innovation
  • Optimized support  for companies with the presence of the TVT Innovation team on site as well as other partners in the innovation chain
  • Direction of innovation communities with the implementation of a Co-working space

After the completion of many studies and a mobilization effort of partnerships around the project in 2009 and 2010, TVT will now launch and coordinate feasibility, technical, legal, and financial studies for a program projected for 2014 and will launch the first preliminary concrete actions by the opening of provisional identified sites in 2011.

Marine Science Park

One of the beacon operations of the Greater Toulon Area is the project called - TECHNOPÔLE DE LA MER (Technopolis of the Sea), pending marine science park of regional, national and European influence, to house activities of Pôle Mer PACA (Mediterranean Business Hub) members and the implantation of new businesses. In anticipation, teams from TPM and other partners wish to immediately structure and publicize the existence, albeit provisional, of the forthcoming Technopôle de la Mer. Therefore, in the period 2009-2011, teams from TPM, TVE and Pôle Mer PACA are coming together in order to pre-configure the implementation and operation of the Technopôle de la Mer.

In this spirit an agreement has been signed between the conglomeration TPM, TVT and Pôle Mer PACA defining the contributions of each to this common project. This contribution translates to the co-leadership of a work group whose mission is to produce benchmark actions and assist in the decisions related to the structuring and oversight of the Technopôle de la Mer.

Expertise for territorial projects and clusters

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